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Name Description Last Modified Download File Size
Youth Victimization Fact Sheet

The most victimized sector of the population is children and youth, and they are particularly vulnerable to certain types of crimes. This fact sheet covers crime trends and current data on crime victimization.

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LGBTQ Fact Sheet

LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely to experience certain types of victimization, including bullying, harassment, hate crimes, and physical and sexual assault. This fact sheet covers victimization, dating and sexual violence, hate crimes, bias and discrimination, and youth victimization.

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Disabilities Fact Sheet

Individuals with disabilities are at a much higher rate of victimization than those without disabilities. This fact sheet covers victimization trends, victimization of youth with disabilities, and sexual and dating violence.

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Crimes Against Older Adults Fact Sheet

While older adults experience the same levels of victimization as other populations, it may be more difficult for them to recover due to their age, and crimes against them are frequently under-reported. This fact sheet covers victimization trends and abuse in assisted living settings.

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Crimes Against Boys and Men of Color Fact Sheet

Boys and men of color are disproportionately affected by community violence, violent victimization, and racial discrimination, and are less likely to report their victimization. This fact sheet covers victimization trends, children and victimization, and who receives services.

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